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BLOG TOUR: Born at Dawn by Nigeria Lockley

born at dawn blog tour

Excerpt from Born at Dawn

The transition from sinner to saint wasn’t easy for Cynthia.
The moment she walked in the door from her first trip to Mount Carmel, the devil was waiting to tempt her.

“Where you been all day?” Marvin huffed at her while she helped the boys out of their jackets.

“We went to church today, Daddy.” At nine years old, James was the official family reporter. He was still struggling with learning the difference between what should be uttered and what should not be. “You should have come with us. A friend of yours was there.”

Book Review: Angela Benson’s Delilah’s Daughters

Angela Benson’s Delilah’s Daughters showcases Delilah Monroe’s three sassy, beautiful, smart daughters—Veronica, Alisha, and Roxanne—efforts to build a career in the music industry. Delilah and her late husband formed the girls into a singing group called Delilah’s Daughters, who has a chance at winning the nationally televised singing competition, Singing for America. As her girls, now grown women, go after their dreams, Delilah tries to protect her family from those who may harm them. However, the entire family learns to trust God with the course of their lives. As it is within the music industry and in families, some people are out for what only benefits them.

Review: ‘Til Debt Do Us Part by Michelle Larks

Til Debt Do Us Part by Michelle Larks introduces us to Nichole Singleton. Everything is lining up perfectly for Nichole. Young, beautiful, good friends, a job she loves, a husband she adores, and a gifted singer in the choir at the church she’s attended for many years.

Then things start to change. It all begins innocently. A friend invites her to an outing at the casino. Slowly, the urge to gamble consumes her. It takes over her life. Nothing else matters: friends, extended family, husband, nor her job. Secret visits to the casino become Nicole’s mainstay. She stealthily obtains household money to feed her hungry habit.

Michelle Stimpson Book Falling Into Grace

The problem with lying is that you have to remember what you say.  Another problem with lying is eventually, they catch up with you, as Camille Robertson in Michelle Stimpson book Falling Into Grace finds out. Camille, disillusioned with her life, desperately seeks to change directions, by any means necessary. The fame and fortune she gained as the lead singer in the 1990’s all-girl, R&B group Sweet Treats is long gone. Now, she is stuck in a “real job” as a telemarketer, earning meager wages and living in a crappy apartment. Friends, well, none in sight, due to her habit of sabotaging relationships. On the outs with her only sibling, a touch and go relationship with her father, and the glue of the family, her beloved mother who passed away during her teen years, leaves Camille feeling alone. And abandoned by God. Since God proves He is not in the business of making people happy by taking her mother away, Camille decides He has no place in her life.

Derek Jackson’s Novel Brother Word Pulls Together Intriguing Healing Tale

Derek Jackson pulls together an interesting tale of a gifted, troubled young man in the novel Brother Word. Chance Howard travels the country using his gift of healing on the strangers in need he encounters, living out the passage “they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover” (Mark 16:18). His desire to remain anonymous, even to those he has helped, leaves the healed in wonderment and the unbelievers in skepticism. The skeptics doggedly pursue Chance. A reporter on a quest to build his career sets out to prove Chance is a fraud. In addition, someone from his past determines to cause him harm.

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